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Here's what I like: 3-d art, globes, figures, house forms, toys, pockets, secret places, paradox (negative/positive, inside/outside, connected/separate). I like dark humour. Also light irony, certain puns. Here's what I am trying to do: move out of everyday fuzziness, open things up, turn the page, change the channel, make myself happy, make anybody happy.

I grew up on an apple farm east of Toronto. I gravitated towards art, though rural life didn't offer much of that. My first 3-d medium was a bar of ivory soap. My first sculpture tool was a nail file. I was 17. I felt right at home in 3-d.

Kathy Ross
Elephant Queen

Birdy Horse
Birdy Horse

Voracious Reader
Voracious Reader
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971 247 5954
Box 695 Allyn WA 98524

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